• $109.00

    SE Electronics – V7 Switch Studio...

    BUILT TO PERFORM, BUILT TO LAST: Reliable, rugged & roadworthy meets lush, vibrant & musical.
    RECESSED LOCKABLE ON/OFF SWITCH: With the same great feature set and impressive specifications as V SERIES dynamics, the V7 SWITCH offers a professional on-off switch that can be locked. Especially useful to ensure that the microphone is not accidentally muted in the middle of a performance.
    INNOVATIVE, SPECIALIZED ALUMINUM VOICE COIL: The DMC7 dynamic capsule in the V7 SWITCH has been custom-developed for a crisp, open sound that perfectly captures your voice and instruments in the most natural way you’ve ever heard on stage – and its sophisticated supercardioid capsule design helps isolate your voice from other instruments, ensuring vast amounts of gain before feedback.

  • $49.00

    SE Electronics V2-SW Supercardioid Dynamic Handheld...

    Tailored supercardioid capsule design, the V2 SWITCH isolates your voice from unwanted room reflections and background noise while ensuring high intelligibility even in challenging sonic environments
    Integrated no-slip on / off switch allows you to seamlessly mute the V2 SWITCH
    Stainless spring steel mesh grille & beveled edge to ensure the V2 SWITCH stays by your side

  • $137.52

    SE Electronics NEOM-USB USB Condenser Microphone,...

    ZERO-LATENCY MONITORING: The NEOM zero-latency headphone monitoring answers every artist’s need to hear themselves clearly during a recording or stream.
    USE ON MOBILE OR DESKTOP: Thanks to its integrated USB C port, the NEOM USB has seamless compatibility across mobile and desktop devices with 24-bit resolution and up to 192 kHz sampling rate.
    ASIO PRO DRIVER: The NEOM USB is the only USB microphone in its class with a custom ASIO driver for professional use on Windows computers and industry-standard recording applications such as Cubase, Ableton Live, FL Studio, Reaper, with a gain knob that goes all the way to II!

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